The most basic form of editing.  Proofit! will comb through each word and each sentence in search of errors that may have escaped your attention such as spelling, punctuation and basic grammar. This is the fastest – and therefore cheapest – editing process, and a complete 200-page book manuscript can be proofread within two weeks. Although proofreading is a very simple process, it is also the most important. The difference between acceptance and rejection of a manuscript or business proposal can hinge on a misplaced comma, a spelling error or a basic grammar mistake. Proofreading is done at a rate of about 8-10 double-spaced pages per hour.

Line editing:

This is one step up from basic proofreading. Your document will be combed for factual errors and inconsistencies in your writing. Rewrites and/or reordering of sentences and paragraphs may be suggested to help your writing flow better from sentence to sentence and paragraph to paragraph. Line editing is done at a rate of about 4-7 pages per hour.

Substantive editing

Substantive editing is the most in-depth editing offered by Proofit! We offer suggested rewrites of entire paragraphs and pages to make your document as professional as possible. If needed or requested, we will even make recommendations to make your statement stronger and more substantial. Some may call this “ghost” writing; we edit and write your work, but you get the credit.

Because this involves not only a full proof and edit of your work, but also includes additional conceptualization and polishing, the rate of substantive editing can be anywhere from 3-5 pages per hour.

Translated editing:

Proofit! has extensive experience editing papers and documents written by non-native English speakers or translated into English from other languages. We can go over your document and polish the language so it reads as if a native English speaker wrote it.

This is extremely important especially for resumes, business plans and grant proposal applications because, as said earlier, a single grammatical mistake or an awkwardly worded sentence or jargon can mean the difference between acceptance and rejection for someone who has spent months or even years trying to succeed in his/her venture.

Research and reports:

If you are writing a business plan or a proposal paper and need to research facts and statistics to strengthen your paper, Proofit! offers extensive research services. We will find the statistics and facts that you need and will compile them into an easy-to-read report for you to use. If you want a statistical report on the world coffee market for Mexico during 2005-2010 to help bolster your argument for greater coffee trade between Canada and Mexico, we can put that together for you. If you want a report on the demographics and psychographics of a certain neighbourhood of Vancouver for your new store, we can compile the numbers for your business plan.


If you found a stack of letters written by your grandfather during his time in France in the Second World War, or a dusty, hand-written manuscript written by your father in the basement, and want to type it out and don’t have the time, we can type the entire masterpiece into a Word or OpenOffice document for you to keep on file.